WAZEstats logoThis pages and its informations within are generated and maintained by users and are not an official Waze site.
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The WAZEstats is not an official Waze site but running with their grateful permission. We made the statistics of European capitals and other locations as an additional game and motivation for the European communities to grow further. Check e.g. the penetration ratio how are you doing next to your neighbors!

The site is still under development and we are investigating what charts and interesting locations we can add for you. The number of cities we can run in the curent system is limited. Please do not ask for new cities until we announce we can do more.

26th July 2020
Working on new, more effective data feed, charts will be back in a day or so.

27th July 2020
After very long sleepless night the stats are running again. Max chart are still down.

28th July 2020
Fixed max. charts, all up and running again!

1st August 2020
Charts now reflect local city timezone.

guri & fotrik